BRAMHALL’S ECUMENICAL CLERGY meet together on Thursday mornings for prayer and reflection. For me this gathering can sometimes contain the very stuff of “the balm of life, the cure of woe, the measure and the pledge of love.”

Pastor Jonathan Dawson gently led us through 1 Thessalonians 5 this week … “Do not quench the power of the Spirit”. Sometimes the gift of another’s ministry roots me to the spot. I was headed for the Funeral of a dearly loved fellow pilgrim, our friend, Dorothy Laidlaw. And to add to heaviness of heart I’d read a few of the early reports coming out of ECUSA’s General Convention.

Dorothy now knows God’s reward for her. The Funeral Thanksgiving reiterated our faith and hers. But the tearing in the heart of Christ’s Anglican Communion today, and the fault all unjustly laid upon the doorsteps of such a precious few, leaves me longing, still, for an end to these long running battles, each purporting to fight for the purity of our Christian faith.

Let me not forget, then, the power of the Spirit! God grant me to be faithful in the task of doing “good to one another and to all.” For though I can’t see a way out of the present impasse … and am quite obviously not alone in this inability, Pastor Jonathan reminded me that “The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do this”.

May the Lord heal and anoint his hurting people. May we rejoice in any and all who seek to praise God and tell of his great and redeeming love. May Christ inspire us again to hold in check our all too ready willingness to judge others. May he gently enable us to deal quietly and effectively with the mote that blurs our higher vision.

The bird on the branch, the lily in the meadow, the stag in the forest, the fish in the sea, the countless joyful creatures sing, God is Love. But beneath all these sopranos, as it were a sustained bass part, is the De profundis of the sacrificed, God is Love.

Søren Kierkegaard