LIFE IS FULL TO BURSTING with beginnings and endings – though this page has seen a dearth of beginnings in recent months. My favourite bloggers go ‘blog lite’ from time to time … the muse dries up. Blogging is life “written down” after all, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

And then, every once in a while, something or someone really fires up the imagination again. Something or someone reminds us of the story. Our story. And that someone or something might be miles away, and never, for a second, dream of the effect they’re having on others.

Maybe Maggi Dawn has dreamed about having just such an effect. Perhaps that’s why she’s written one of the best books for Advent I’ve encountered in years. Here’s a book that will make Advent for you. Here’s a book that we’ll be using in Bramhall to get a grip again on what it’s all about. Here’s Beginnings and Endings: accessible teaching and encouraging reflection. Here’s a favour to the Church, a right royal blessing, an Advent in itself. Thanks Maggi!

Beginnings and Engings … buy yours and enjoy the Advent journey.