ALONG WITH OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS I’ve been engaged today in what is clinically called “house clearing”. Honoured to have been invited to give a new home to a small nursing chair I remember sitting on as a small child, a couple of mirrors, some small side tables, a painting and a little mantle-clock, I wasn’t expecting the “whispered presence” of my late and much beloved aunt when I visited to “clear” these household items today. I was so glad of the company of my Dad, her brother. Each of us knew of the catch in the throat of the other. Each of us know of the black & white contents of the old photo tin’s reminiscences. Each of us remembered more than we could talk about today. Each of us heard in the very (now really rather musty) air of the little house, the oh-so-familiar “Much love: always”. Rest well, dear Margie. We haven’t forgotten. xx