GOOD MORNING! The time for the traditional spring clean is bursting upon us. Ha! One of my favourite occupations is a visit to the tip. It’s better than going to the pictures. Though I do love the cinema, too, but that’s another story.

A bit like the joy of laying down a heavy rucksack at the end of a long hike or the walk to school, I love being able to get rid of the clutter and clobber that gathers in and around my life.

One of my favourite local council innovations where I live has been the introduction of the “blue wheelie bin” … that marvellous vehicle that whisks off all our empty Weetabix boxes, newspapers and the pounds and pounds of paper, card and junk mail that can take over a house like the Day of the Triffids.

Some of my friends, like yours, no doubt, are hoarders. Truth to tell, there are some things that I tend to hoard too. And we’d better not get on to the subject of heavyweight suitcases when we go on holiday … that’s the daftest thing of all since we only ever wear about 2 T shirts and a pair of shorts the entire time we’re away …

But what I have in mind especially today is the joy, the liberation that comes about when a house or a life that’s been filled with clutter and junk is suddenly freed up and rooms and hearts breathe easy.

What I’m getting at, I suppose, is that regular need I have in me to ask, “who or what is really important in my life?” I ask the question and am reminded that Jesus and his disciples travelled very light indeed. Unencumbered, they could go wherever Life’s call led them. And I’m reminded of the Church in South America that, when it realised that it would be useful if their Church building were a little nearer the present-day population were simply able to pick it up, made as it was out of a simple scaffolding frame with a roof on top, and put it down where it was most needed.

I wish you well with your own spring cleaning. I’ll be thinking hard about what I can let go of that would free me up a bit; oil the wheels. Have you ever read Louis Macneice’s wonderful poem “Mutations”? There are a few lines in it that keep repeating themselves in my mind this morning:

“For every static world that you or I impose upon the real one must crack at times, and new patterns from new disorders open like a rose, and old assumptions yield to new sensation; the stranger in the wings is waiting for his cue / the fuse is always laid to some annunciation.”

Have a great day.

PURE FM 107.8 – Thought for the Day – Sunday 29 March 2009