THE COMPASS CAN BE RELIED UPON AT ALL TIMES our Scout Leader told us this morning. I thank God for Paul, and for Scouting and Guiding and the good hearted folk of St Michael’s. Scouts and Guides, and older folk and younger, were glad of the sunshine for our annual outdoor parade. Speaker Skip told us of journeying, of a rucksack’s contents for safe orienteering, of Saul’s conversion and of the lodestar God has given us in Jesus as ‘compass’ for his people. He told of his own being awed by the majesty of creation as he lay with friends (on the way home from the pub!) gazing upon clear night sky and countless stars.

Our parish is blessed by many and varied examples of leadership – each of whom, in their own unique way, looks to the compass, the leadership and pattern of Jesus. Maybe that’s why Bramhall is often described as such a happy community. Maybe that’s why I felt so deeply for the lostness I sensed in the grieving response of a Jacko fan to a critic he believed had contributed towards the singer‘s death: “I hope you go to hell. Thanks for killing our icon”. Oh how we need to choose icons with care; for we all need a compass in this world. And we need so much to be able to rely upon it.