And the echo creates
Galaxies whirling and twirling
Cascading, curling and swirling
Spinning the music of the universe

God sings
And his voice creates
Suns exploding and evolving
Crashing, clashing and revolving
Weaving the fabric of the planets

God plays
And her joy creates
Land rifting and uplifting
Eroding, slipping and shifting
Setting the continents in seas

God breathes
And her spirit creates
People’s caring and daring
Fighting, tearing and bearing
Freeing us to believe

God descends
And his gift creates
Vessels fulfilling and thrilling
Fruitful, feisty and willing
Enabling purpose out of chaos

God loves

Janet Ketteringham

I love this. Janet is the parish administrator at St Michael & All Angels, Bramhall … at least until she becomes a full-time poet …

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