Patches 1834

Patches Chabala with Archbishop Rowan

PATCHES CHABALA wrote today:

I was invited as an international Student Representive at St John’s College to attend a gathering at Lambeth Palace. The theme of the gathering was The Communion We Share. It was great to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury and talk to him. He is a man of high learning but yet so humble and gracious. I have a lot to learn from him.

Patches, an ordinand from Zambia we grew to love quickly, will be preaching in Bramhall on the 2nd August at 10am. Godspeed for him in continuing preparation for ordination, and for his forthcoming marriage. Humility and graciousness are qualities many of us have seen in Patches. And I’m imagining a world, and imagining a Church where, humble and gracious, we were able to say of all we encounter – “I have a lot to learn from … “


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