Bramhall United Reformed Church

TO BRAMHALL URC THIS MORNING for “pulpit swap” and I sang my heart out. Great hymns, warm, inclusive, welcoming people. One lady told me “my brother’s a Catholic, my sister’s an Anglican priest, I’m a Presbyterian … and this morning was just for me.” A service, of course, for and about God and his Kingdom, (that’s what all worship’s for), and me and thee, and Christ inspired unity. “He has broken down the enmity between us”. Alleluia! “Come away to a deserted place and rest awhile” … in “communion” shared. (see Patches goes to Lambeth). Their pastor’s already a dear friend. And I know I’d like to go out to play with all of  them again. Onwards and upwards!

2 thoughts on “COMMUNION SHARED

  1. Fantastic! Three cheers for welcoming churches and for people doing stuff together. I’m enjoying reading your blogs Simon. Thank you.

  2. Hey Mary: thanks for your visit and encouragement. I’m very much enjoying reading your blog, too, and love its title – All Now Mysterious – in particular. I note that you’ve not been feeling 100% this week. I hope that you’ll be fully restored, very soon. Blessings. Simon 🙂

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