GOOD MORNING! And an especially good morning if you’re feeling a bit under the weather or down in the dumps. See if you can get your mouth around the lovely name Lucia Cappachione!

Lucia, an art therapist, wrote that

when I became ill, the years of pain and confusion loomed up like some primitive monster of the deep … I lived in fear of dying. The strange paradox is that by confronting my fear of death, I found myself, and created a new life.

This is yet another writing that reminds me of Jesus! No surprise, I suppose, for the thoughts of a parish priest often turn to Jesus. But with good reason, for he was and is a most extra-ordinary teacher.

“Whoever loses his life will gain it”, he’s recorded as having said by each of the four Gospels in the New Testament – Luke 9.24 etc

It doesn’t take any of us very long in this world to suss out that things ain’t always what they seem. Some of the things we’re most afraid of turn out to be life-savers. The lessons we’re most afraid of learning when we’re in primary school turn out to have been absolute building blocks for what comes later. How many times have we said: “No way! I’d die if I had to do that!” – only to discover, when needs have required that we do it, that not only did we not die but we discovered a whole new way of living.

Another of the things that Jesus taught often, something echoed by countless spiritual teachers through the ages, is “do not be afraid”.

Sometimes we can terrify ourselves into paralysis. At other times we terrify ourselves into ways that lead to wrong actions, hurtful behaviours – whether to ourselves or others. At yet other times we terrify ourselves with the illusion that the whole world is against us. We can become neurotic, whether as individuals or great nations. And then fear can lead to war and war leads to death. And the whole cycle of fear rumbles on.

Don’t be afraid, said Jesus. Confront your fear. Look at the monsters of your deep straight in the eye. Confront your fear of the millions of little deaths that every life must know and you’ll have confronted the big death in the process. And paradoxically and wonderfully, just like Lucia Cappachione, you’ll have found yourself, and created a new life! What a life! Really, what a life we’ve been given. Truly, things aren’t always just as they seem. Have a great day. Have a great life!

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