Iona Abbey

Image by Steffen M. Boelaars via Flickr

OUR PARISH CELEBRATES ITS CENTENARY in 2010, and plans for our celebration pilgrimage to Bishop’s House, Iona next year progressed a little further tonight.¬† I don’t fully know yet how our little group of 20+ will get there, nor what we’ll find when we arrive, nor how we’ll get along in living together for a spell. But somehow I just sense that all will be well. And it strikes me that that’s been true for pretty much most of my life’s journey actually, and that that’s true for pilgrimage generally … the not knowing, alongside the present sense that somehow all will be well. Even at this distance I’ve an idea that some words I love from one of the Iona Community’s eucharistic liturgies are going to come alive for us:

Heaven is here, and earth, and the space is thin between them. Distance may divide, but Christ’s promise unites those bounded by time, those blessed by eternity. Let heaven be glad; let the whole earth cry glory

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