squared circles - Clocks

Image by Leo Reynolds via Flickr

FUNERAL THANKSGIVING is such a privilege. The calling to mind of the goodness of God throughout an entire human lifetime, the calling to mind of the ordinary goodnesses and the affectionately regarded foibles of a human soul. Memories today of a man in a clock workshop each of whose clocks provided his family with a different account of the time! Of a man who loved simply and straightforwardly. Of a man who spoke of loved ones as “the light of my life”. Of a man who needed gently propelling to social events by a patient wife, but who was known by all others as “the life and soul of the party”. Men are such funny creatures. And that’s probably true of women too 😉 … His family said that he was “Just Jack”. I like to think (and pretty confidently believe, actually) that that’s how God will have looked upon him, and on us, too. With all the love in the universe: just Jack.