TODAY WE ARE ENCOURAGED to take the waiting out of wanting, cut to the chase and get what we want right away, as though there is nothing worth waiting for. This Advent book dares to defy all that. So says Archbishop Sentamu of Paula Gooder’s The Meaning is in the Waiting. Of John the Baptist, Paula Gooder writes

John’s waiting is about transformation that actively prepares for the person or event for which one waits and so helps to bring it about

This is the sort of waiting that we need in our parish’s Growth Action Planning. No good being too quick to ‘cut to the chase’. God’s angels are perpetually prepared to bear God’s message to the world,  they don’t start by publishing action plans of their own. We’ve been discovering afresh that we want to put more of ourselves into ‘seeking what God wants’. May there be waiting, then, with the wanting, so that we help to bring it about. And whilst we’re waiting it’ll be worth keeping in mind what we’ve already heard: ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you tidings of great joy for you and all the peoples …’