FORTY YEARS AGO CHARING CROSS METHODIST CHURCH introduced me to the concept of shared Bread and Cheese Lunches during the Church’s Season of Lent. No bread, cheese or soup tasted finer than that on offer to a hundred or more diners, 11 year old me amongst them, at Charing Cross. Some of my least religiously-minded peers actually “got religion” during Lent, ‘cos lunch was on offer. We were like 11 year old vacuum cleaners, and were always welcomed, our (not very Lenten) appetites notwithstanding.

I blessed God for Charing Cross Methodist Church today as I spoke at a Lunchtime Lenten Pause at the stunning Grade 1 Listed Georgian “Commissioner’s” Church, St Thomas’ Stockport. The welcome and enthusiasm was as warm as that at Charing Cross so long ago. Pause for Prayer a welcome oasis in the very midst of a bustling modern town on the A6.  Conversation with Annie who proudly produced her (gorgeous) Baptismal Certificate from 1926, and with several of her kind friends, was enchanting. And then the Lenten lunch, with world class soup!

The Power of Pause reminds us of simply magnificent simple things, of enough to go around, and of baskets left over where that came from. Thanks, so much, for the invitation and for glad hospitality. The Bishop will be in the pulpit next Wednesday at 12.30 so the Lenten talk will be better than this week’s. But I doubt that the soup’ll be bettered. Next Wednesday. Just off the A6. 12.30 …

St Thomas’ Stockport


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