HAPPY EASTER! 5 minutes to ten and already every seat in the house occupied! “Something changes in the very air of an Easter morning”, I’m told at the Sacristy door: “It’s a turning point for me every year.”

Church news in the last week has made for depressing reading – enough even to make one wonder whether anyone, anywhere at all, will be in church, ever again. So the sight of 300 souls, of all ages, gathered in excited anticipation, for the second celebration of the day, is resurrection in itself. And the SOUND of them is something else altogether.

Easter celebrates a death’s leading on to a wholly new and yet more glorious life. Perhaps the Church is undergoing just such a dying in our day, just as it has in the past? Life revolves around seasons, livings and dyings. Perhaps churches are full on Easter morning because of a deep human instinct that new life remains a constant possibility whilst heaven and earth remain. New life bursts forth even after “descent into hell”.

Surrexit Dominus Vere! Alleluia!