There’s a new world coming and it’s just around the bend
there’s a new world coming, this one’s coming to an end
there’s a new voice calling, you can hear it if you try
and it’s growing stronger with each day that passes by
there’s a brand new morning, rising clear and sweet and free
there’s a new day dawning that belongs to you and me
there’s a new world coming, the one we’ve had visions of
coming in peace, coming in joy, coming in love

Cass Elliot

I’VE BEEN TALKING RECENTLY WITH PARISHIONERS who have been in South Africa, in Tanzania, in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, in Pakistan, India, the United States and Canada, Paris, Madrid and Rome. And with people who were thrilled to the depths of their hearts by Pope Benedict’s recent journey from Rome to the United Kingdom, and by the images we’ve all seen of many a warm embrace.

The world is becoming smaller; there is a new world coming, a new day dawning. As we travel further, as we encounter each other more deeply, as we see the heart and the hope in persons or people profoundly different from us, gay or straight, male or female, atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, Sikh or Jew—or any other kind of “different”, we’ll learn to embrace each other with a new warmth. The differences that divide humankind must be allowed to take second place to the Divine and the human longing for peace, security, and love.

Thank God that we’ve all been shown that it’s perfectly possible to embrace people we don’t agree with on every point of detail. For come the ultimate Harvest we’ll all be held in and by and with the same embrace. Come, thankful people, come. Come in peace, come in joy, come in love.