WOW! DAVID FORD commends one of Professor Walter Brueggemann’s prayers in Church Times this week:

“The Holy Spirit has a habit of creeping up on us when we are least expecting it: the insight or idea that appears in our mind uninvited; our surprise at the wisdom of our own voice; the vocational summoning that can strike with suddenness enough to throw us to the ground; the momentary realisation that God is present in our world, in our life, in ourselves … “

And the prayer:

Blown by God towards newness

The news is that God’s wind is blowing.
It may be a breeze that
cools and comforts.
It may be a gust that
summons you to notice.
It may be a storm that blows you where you have
never been before.

Whatever the wind is in your life,
pay attention to it …
and the blessing of God,
Father, Son and Spirit,
will abide with you always.

Walter Brueggemann
Prayers for a privileged people
Abingdon Press, 2008

Well done Church Times. I cannot think of a more apt prayer in the days before the inauguration of new General Synod sessions.