CONFIRMATION PREP tonight. I love it. I never tire of the life-stories that have led people through the years to deep and abiding faith … life itself being the “cost” or the “toll” along the way, for each and every candidate.

I was confirmed by Dr Gerald Ellison on St Patrick’s Day 1972 and it thrills my heart that the “Welcome Home” that the Church afforded me all those years ago is still – in one form of words or another – part of the “testimony” of those who seek Confirmation in my parish today.

“Welcome Home”. These were the unmistakeable words echoing in my heart the first time I entered the city of Jerusalem, quietly praying the Prayer Book translation of Psalm 122. These are the words that the late Ida Pratt used to speak whenever I, then the Vicar of Ringway, returned to the parish from a holiday. These are the words with which I endeavour to welcome any and all who find themselves “home” in Bramhall Parish Church today.

And these are the words that each and every member of our humankind may hear whenever she or he is still enough to allow the Divine Life to pray in and through us: still enough, and silent enough to hear God confirm and say …

Welcome Home.

One thought on “WELCOME HOME

  1. Hello Simon,

    Many thanks for a very pleasant evening. I have much to consider and learn but with your help the journey will be a very enlightening!


    Annabelle x

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