Word sharing ...

IN THE BEGINNING was the Word. Hide and seek was a favourite childhood game with my friends Sian, Sarah and Richard. Then there were the really special days when I was allowed access to their family typewriter. It’s no exaggeration to say that it was in Tony & Catrin Bramhall’s elegant and welcoming home that I first began to feel the Word.

And being a very slow, painstaking typist, at 6 or 7 years old, there was time enough to become aware of the power contained in every single word. The Word: possessed of the power to raise up  new worlds. (John 1.1-14). Or to bring a world down. The power of the Creator is contained in the Word. In the beginning was the Word. And on the 2nd January 2011 that same Word still breathes new worlds into being.

We – and especially those of us whose faith, hope and love are, from time to time, limited by our own ‘certainties’, and recognising that ‘an horizon is nothing save the limits of our sight’ – do well at the dawn of a new year in our time to behold the mystery of the Word, to be aware of the immeasurable fullness of the  power contained in the Word, of the vulnerability in the Bethlehem-born Word, and to afford such liberal and proper acknowledgement of the universal worth in the Word that we cannot help but do worship. Whoever we are. Whenever we are. Wherever we are. In the beginning was the Word.


new worlds