We Can Do It!

I’VE BEEN READING Benjamin & Roz Zanders’ The Art of Possibility and exclaiming “Amen” as often as others might at a charismatic Convention! Anything we ever set out to be or to do, the Zanders convincingly suggest, is directly affected by our attitude to what we’re doing.

Our small business attracts the label, “The Can-Do Company,” and that is exactly who we are.

How would it be in my parish church, or in any other kind of organisation, and how would it be in my own personal life, or yours, and what kind of effect upon the life of society might we celebrate if we came to think of ourselves as “Can-do” people?

Imagine a “Can-do” church. Imagine a life in which you actually do whatever you “Can-do” – (some would call this kind of imagining or internal dialogue prayer). Up for what’s next, not just texting the text. Walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Can-do companions.

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