Notting Hill

Q: If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?

I’D LOVE TO SIT NEXT TO ANNA SCOTT (played by Julia Roberts) at dinner in Notting Hill, and go for a walk in the park afterwards in the cool evening air … (did you really just say “oops-a-daisy?”) … and after that, well, dream on, Simon Robert, dream on.

Why? Well because Anna is dazzling to start with. And I’d probably be awestruck and tongue-tied, but, you know, it would be worth the pain! But also because I find the dynamics between the group of loyal friends both fascinating and attractive. I’d love to take my place amongst them and see which of us could come up with a dinner-table tale worthy of winning the last chocolate brownie. The warm engagement, the laughter, the human connectedness, questioning and growing, the romance, the yearning, the haplessness and helplessness and helpfulness, the fruitarian. Ah yes, and the being young, and bookish, and a gloriously indiscreet redhead, and in the wrong job, and being in a fantastic job, and being a nobody, and really being a big deal somebody. And Starbucks and story-telling (“not really a classic, is it?”). All these characters, these warm, and lukewarm, and positively hot characters are people I’d really like to spend some time with, even if there’s a bit of a bias on my part (and Hugh Grant’s, and pretty much everyone else’s, actually) towards Anna particularly. Notting Hill is fiction in my “real world”, though “I know it so well.” What a lovely bunch of people. What fun days. What glorious romance. Notting Hill.

But, yay, Bramhall, too. In my own rich life right here in Bramhall I’m living in the heart of fiction’s truths.

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