I LOOKED UPON WELL-LOVED FACES before me today. And new-born George was presented in the temple. Jet black hair. Quietly chuntering to himself in the arms of delighted parents – and under the gaze of the little brother our whole church family already loves dearly. And all the well-loved faces are such a joy. Young and old. Individual, unique, personal. Community, learning together, alongside other communities learning together, sometimes gladly, sometimes perseveringly, sometimes not-so-willingly, that, by the grace of a grand Love, greater by far than anything we’ve yet conceived of,

“… into that gate they shall enter, and in that house they shall dwell, where there shall be no cloud, nor sun, no darkness nor dazzling, but one equal light, no noise nor silence, but one equal music, no fears nor hopes, but one equal possession, no foes nor friends, but one equal communion and identity, no ends nor beginnings, but one equal eternity.” – John Donne