BLOGGING IS ABOUT CONNECTIONS. Conjoined experience. Remembering yesterday, living today, dreaming of tomorrow, in times alone, and in times together. Books and journalling, music-making and blogging, novels and poetry, all art and playing, our silences, our working, and our praying, afford us the “conversations” that wouldn’t otherwise be available in day to day parochial commerce. So much of what makes us who we are has come to us from connections far beyond our own immediate environment. But we come to recognise ourselves and the things we care about in these connections … they give us a language with which to speak of them … paraphrasing something a friend said to me about the poet Sally Purcell over lunch the other day.

Remembering yesterday. Living today. Dreaming of tomorrow – Antonio Machado makes the connections between them:

You can know yourself, if you bring up
those cloudy canvases from your dreams,
today, this day, when you walk
awake, open-eyed.
Memory is valuable for one thing,
astonishing: it brings dreams back.

Antonio Machado from Times Alone


  1. Thank you too, Lucy, and I’m glad you said “today I’m not …” for, truth to tell, you’re usually VERY word-eloquent and appreciated.

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