THANKS TO 3 WALKER BROTHERS and their wives I’ve had one of those delightful afternoons that planning for funerals – strange as that may seem – can afford. Winnie would have enjoyed our trip down memory lane.

The Walker brothers’ mum had left a rich legacy of memories. Happy family life, baking, holidays, homecoming and laughter. Less cash to hand, but also less anxiety. Fairly “simple English food” but, in other areas of life, more variety.

Tandem bicycling, far beyond the boundaries of home in Old Trafford, and wobbly legs in school next day. Memories of holidays in North Wales,  for a family of five. Suitcases, pans of cooked food, bedding, with a motorbike and sidecar bulging at the sides.

The record player was still being wound up. Records weighed half a ton. Eggs were kept in X boxes! Families listened to each other and to radio: News, Views and Jimmy Clitheroe. Family memories: all have a story to tell. Today’s were told and enjoyed well.