THREE REPRESENTATIVES of the Anglican Church in Bramhall headed out to the newly created Diocese of Newala in Tanzania last September. They returned with the memory of a most extraordinary hospitality in their hearts and minds. The words that stayed with them, they reported, more than any others, were “You are very welcome!”.

On Friday this week, in Bramhall, we’ll welcome Bishop Oscar and Mama Agnes Mnung’a for a week’s return visit. Bramhall has been inspired already by the sheer verve and energy of the Church in Tanzania. Both parties in this newfound friendship are praying that a sharing of experience will further reveal God’s grace for us all. Bramhall notes with delight that there are places in our world where, in the shape and mission of new dioceses, there’s an obvious sense of God’s ever-new Creation. New human growth. New human hope. New human listening.

I’m hoping for furtherance of the kind of listening and engagement, the kind of radical, welcoming two-way human hospitality, that assures us all that human thriving in faith and hope and love – the whole world over – is fashioned by one and the same Divine and gracious heart.

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  1. I really like this it is great thing! May god be with you all i am so greatfully to be part of the family ‘GOD BLESS U ALL’

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