TODAY’S ARRIVAL in Bramhall of Bishop Oscar & Mama Agnes Mnung’a is a significant moment in the life of our parish, and our friendship with the Bishop’s newly formed Diocese of Newala in Tanzania. We hope to share and to learn a great deal in the next seven days and I pray for grace and strength for Bishop Oscar and Mama Agnes as they embark on a very full programme. Since many of their engagements here will involve breakfast,  lunch or dinner (including lunch with Bishop Peter in Chester on Tuesday) I’m fully expecting that by the end of the week our honoured guests, and many of us, will have gained a pound or two! Bishop Oscar will preach at celebrations of the Eucharist in Bramhall Parish Church on Sunday 13th March at 8am and 10am.

Karibu Sana. Welcome Bishop Oscar and Mama Agnes. And God bless you.