HE’S A UNIVERSALIST! – snorted as though the word were a vulgar expletive – has been twittering around the blogosphere since news broke about Rob Bell’s Love Wins. Is he? I’m not sure who could agree on the precise meaning of the term. I’ll put my hand up though: I’m more and more and more convinced that it’s not the Source of Life that creates divisions, expletives, exclusion zones (some of them called churches) and walls. And I own that I haven’t got far into Rob Bell’s (so far very accessible) text during a fairly full day. But, far from using the word Universalist as a sort of religious swear word, I would want to say – as a contribution to balance, but be that as it may – “[If] He’s a Universalist? Hey! Hooray!” My faith is built upon a gospel not of fate but of a Christ, an anointed one, who showed the world in his own body – and in countless other broken souls and bodies he has gently embraced and healed – that love indeed wins.