A LOVELY QUIET DAY today for the Companions of the Community of the Resurrection at the Evron Centre. Nothing beats the stillness that descends on a praying group as the breath slows down, and the mind quietens, and the birdsong can be heard through even double-glazed panes.

Poor old Bishop Oscar could have done with being there for a rest – had I not left him back at home, preaching to the Wednesday morning gathering too. He’s been truly inspirational though, and everything we’ve done in his company has been a joy to do.

Now we’re making the final preparations for a dinner, in company with my clergy colleagues, in honour of +Oscar and Mama Agnes. If the pattern of earlier meals this week is followed after coffee there’ll be reflective hymn-singing before home-time, in English and in Swahili. And for the second time today I shall find myself beside still waters.