ALL THE CONVERSATIONS I’ve had today have been with wonderful people, all of them, like me, caught up in the life-business of journeying. Being headed someplace, though we don’t always know the full ins and outs of quite where. Discipling. Faithing. Growing. Loving. Living. Trusting. Worshipping. Headed “someplace”, each and every day.

Paul Deakin, currently caught up in the discernment process that may lead him to ordination,  just dropped me a note straight out of Fr Gerry Hughes’ God of Surprises.

What concerns God is the direction in which we are moving. Our real sin is refusing, [to move, to change] because we are quite content with ourselves as we are. Gerard Hughes SJ

Sin’s really just the temptation to opt out of all that we’re called and made to be. Love is really just the liberation to reach out. Empowered by an opting, a reaching in. I bless God tonight for those who walk with me in life’s journey. God grant us grace to sustain each other as we seek to be fully alive – and to live all of life well – and all the way.

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