MORE THAN 30 YEARS AGO my dad took a couple of days off work to drive me to a Northamptonshire Retreat House for the Selection Conference that would determine whether I was to begin training for the priesthood. He has driven me to many other places, and mown vicarage lawns many times in the years since then.

And my mother has always been ready to give of her time in countless ways. I still wear the very fine surplices she made – for my ordinations as Deacon and Priest. We’ve remained close, but distance and the life of a parish priest have long meant that we don’t see enough of each other.

They love Spring, and gardens, and daffodils. So to the Eucharist this morning, after which for the first time, together anyway, in years, we’re headed for the Lakes for an overnighter. Cumberland sausage and flowers and Ullswater. And the sunshine’s pouring through the windows as I write this … 🙂