JUST BACK FROM THE AGM. Sue Taylor newly elected Churchwarden, a new colleague for Ralph Luxon. We’re blessed. One good team succeeds another. They’ll have – and will need – our prayers. Leadership is a tricky business. Always was. Is. Probably always will be. Bishop Alan Wilson wrote well on the subject the other day …

The best leader is the slowest, not the fastest lemming, the oddball who slows down, stands aside, and wonders why. She can be of far more value than the sleekest, zippiest rodent. Appointing to technical criteria is a good discipline for preliminary screening and showing up the issues to discuss at interview. Once that stage is reached, however, you need to look for the person’s inner security, personally and spiritually, how well they know where they stop and others start, their sense of perspective, their eccentricities, and the factors that make them the slowest, not the fastest Lemming. Otherwise all you get is the greyest, sleekest überLemming who seems to lead the pack, and we all end up in the drink.

via Bishop Alan’s Blog.

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