THREE DEEP DISCUSSIONS and a Funeral Thanksgiving today. The conversations and the Thanksgiving were – each of them – about the same thing: vocation to daily resurrection, the divine call, the graced invitation of God into fullness of life, here, now, for ourselves, and for everything we’re connected to, and with, and for – which is all created things, all creatures – every thing and every creature made and given life by the Giver of all Good Gifts.

Three deep, deep vocational discussions – about persons being called to the life and ministry of liberation, binding up the broken-hearted, kissing and healing those beaten to the ground of their own beings by dis-ease, setting “prisoners” free, proclaiming the “year”, the jubilee, the eternity, the thrillingly, gloriously, good news of God’s life-giving, life-fulfilling, anointing favour. Here. In our bodies. Now. Vocation to daily, moment by moment resurrection. Vocation – to undreamed of aliveness!

And a Funeral Thanksgiving – for and about a good, loving and godly family man, a beloved son, husband, father, brother, counsellor and friend. A man now called to life in company with the liberated, where all the broken-hearted are bound and healed, where all know how to sing the Sanctus song – the Holy song – to the beloved Creator of all things who has granted, and eternally grants, creating, anointing, graced and redeeming favour. In the promised place. In resurrection “bodies”. Now. Funeral thanksgiving for a son of God (in a whole glad company) now called to daily, moment by moment resurrection. Funeral thanksgiving for another vocation – to undreamed of aliveness!

Blessed be the Giver of all Good Gifts.