Two disciples meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus - by William Hole

EMMAUS AGAIN in the morning! But I never tire of the story, or of reflecting upon it, nor of any and all the post-Resurrection appearances – because appearances, in the midst of the ordinary, are what the extra-ordinary Resurrection was and is all about.

Recognising God in the most surprising places and joyfully acknowledging  that we’d only got a tiny piece of the story when we thought we knew that God was only to be found in the Temple (whichever particular branch of “the Temple” we thought most likely).

Of course, God was to be found in the Temple, and in temples. But Jesus numbered you and me, in the very midst of all the complex and glorious and painful and wonderful details of our lives, amongst those temples.

God honours and loves us not because we deserve it, or need to deserve it, but because without that honour, and without that love, we wouldn’t have a life. Because that honour, and that love, and that God IS Life – in us!

What shall we do? – shocked hearers of the truth about the crucified Jesus asked Peter, cut to the heart. Quick as a flash Peter replies with one word. Repent. Look again. Think again. See again. Isn’t that him sitting at table with you?

30 years ago when I was a new Curate in Mottram in Longdendale I used to look forward to saying Evensong with the Vicar, Richard Price, on Saturdays especially. I’d never heard anyone pray before, nor ever since, with the utter simplicity and faith with which Richard used to close Saturday Evensong:

“As watchmen wait for the morning, so we wait now for Thee, O Lord our God. Come to us, Lord Jesus, in the morning, and at the breaking of the bread.”