LIBERATED TODAY! Sleeplessness owing to heat and thunder in the air last night, together with a joyfully insistent and very loud dawn chorus, meant that I was up and about by 5.30am. I wasn’t pleased, though the sun was already streaming through the windows and the day looked set fair. Unimpressed by my own grumpiness however I “turned around” and determined to make the best of a gift of a day. And I painted the town with a big stick. Long outstanding jobs in the Vicarage were swept away by 7. Papers cleared by 8.30. Emails answered by 8.45. Time for prayer & meditation, breakfast, lunch, a series of appointments, good conversations, laughter, even a play with a boomerang in the garden have left me feeling spring cleaned and liberated. There’s nothing quite like a clean desk and filing tray! But well and truly jiggered now. Hoping for a really good night … you too, I hope 🙂