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I HAVE A HARD TIME believing that God cares much about the little stuff – said one of my visitors today. So we spent some time thinking about little stuff, what it is, what it’s made of, who made it, and if God doesn’t, who DOES care for the little stuff – in this world, in nature, in our own lives.

My friends know that I believe God – the Source of all life and love – to be the Universe’s top photographer, insofar as he “writes with light” with a consummate skill unmatched by anyone on earth. So it was natural for me to suggest that we looked at some photos of little stuff. Here’s one of the images we looked at, stared at, pondered over for five minutes or more. My friend and I concluded that God DOES care about the little stuff. Nothing other than the most immense care, way, way bigger than our limited imaginations, could create and nurture something so beautiful. And yesterday’s dormouse looked as though he was cared for, too 🙂