SOME GOOD WRITING is frequently to be found in the places most blithely cautioned against by the “doctrinally orthodox” – and can be life enhancing, like good coffee, or good wine. I’m thoroughly enjoying a slow meander through A C Grayling’s The Good Book: A Secular Bible.

13. The entities and forces underlying everything are powerful in their ancient simplicity, knitting and tying all objects. 14. By this they show their strength, binding each other by bonds which our senses do not perceive. 15. A bonding that exists within all parts, in the minima of nature, each thing itself a parcel of another …

And I’m attracted by this photo of the man at home, looking at home in himself. Ultimately it’s going to be “at home” that all of us want to be. And since there’s a very great deal within and around all of us that, as yet, “our senses do not perceive”, I shall, I pray, continue to delight in the offerings of many who whilst never wanting to describe themselves as religious nevertheless recognise “the knitting and tying” of which Grayling writes so eloquently. Thus far indeed A Good Book. And a thought-provoking one.