NICK BAINES, Bishop of Bradford, posted The Art of Film here. Christopher Burkett encourages preachers at Preacher Rhetorica to ask “do you remember …?” – as in do YOU remember? …

Here’s a film (above) I won’t forget – for some fairly obvious reasons, but also for some less than obvious ones that I’ll be chewing the cud over for the next little while. How would all our lives be different, blessed, challenged, learning, honoured, growing – if we only employed our imaginations a little more frequently, and a little more generously?

A unicorn? I’ve never seen one close up … (but today I’ve had my eyes opened!)

Thanks for posting +Nick, and Christopher. Many thanks … which led me on, in the way that these things do, to a beautiful little film that must have been made purely and simply to brighten someone’s day. A treat 🙂