52 IS NOT OLD … ? :(


FIFTY TWO AND FEELING IT today; but people are so immensely kind, and the love and greetings showered upon me are, every single one of them, both appreciated and immensely touching. One of the birthday cards, featuring “Rainbow Painting”, 1996, by Norman Adams RA, is wonderfully striking. As is the text on the back of the card:

Art has always been related to Spirituality. I cannot conceive of art without it – Norman Adams RA

Exactly. Just exactly. Covenant. Rainbow. Promise. And my mother is adamant that 52 is not old. Still in need of an early night though! Sweet dreams dear world, and thank you, family and friends x 🙂

7 thoughts on “52 IS NOT OLD … ? :(

  1. it most certainly is not old…. I’m older than you and I am not old!!!

  2. oh and happy birthday – I hope it was a lovely day and that it will be a great year for you…

  3. I hope you had a great birthday Simon, 52 is not old at all I still feel 18 but don’t look it though. I liked the picture of the grapefruit and kiwi. Sir Cliff of Richard is 71 Paul McCartney 66 and B B king 80 odd , we really are young guys,

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