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MANY PEOPLE in today’s busy world are coming to appreciate times of silence for meditation and prayer. Many also speak, however, of the difficulties involved in setting aside time for regular practice, and of the value of shared experience. A few speak of their being frightened of silence and of their needing encouragement to “be still for the presence of the Lord”. Others of a desire to sit for a while alongside someone who regularly practices silence.

Hence Meditation Mondays. One a month, 8pm prompt, in St Michael & All Angels Bramhall. This month on the 18th.

Non-denominational, no experience required, all welcome and warmly invited, of all faiths and none. No membership expectations. Come and go as you please, but worth giving the time and space to see it through once you have arrived. Prompt start encouraged to save anyone any embarrassment. Half an hour-ish all told. Most finish up wishing it were longer! Spread the word … 🙂

The Anglican Bishop of Dunedin, Dr Kelvin Wright, is currently keeping a prayer diary called Be Quiet for a Change.

Centering Prayer & Inner Awakening by the Rev Cynthia Bourgeault offers real inspiration.

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