THANKS BE TO GOD! Forty-seven blessed souls (54 including those who emailed me, or telephoned to say that they’d be present in their own homes) gathered for our Guided Monthly Meditation this evening. Can’t wait already for the next on the 26th September … but, as I said in the brief introduction tonight, none of us need wait until then: each of us can practice what we shared tonight, wherever we are, in our own company, and in spiritual companionship with millions and millions of other meditating people; a huge global network, gathered in peace, every day, in the presence of the Light. I do.

The World Community for Christian Meditation

The Anglican Bishop of Dunedin, Dr Kelvin Wright, is currently
keeping a prayer diary called Be Quiet for a Change:
see especially There’s Silence and There’s Silence

Centering Prayer & Inner Awakening
by the Reverend Cynthia Bourgeault offers help and inspiration

Brother David Steindl-Rast OSB reflects
A Good Day

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