YEARS AFTER WATCHING MARY POPPINS at the pictures I’ve become disillusioned with her. She just snapped her fingers and the nursery was tidied instantly. One tap of her foot and her carpet bag was packed. I hate to say it but I think there was a bit of kiddology going on in that film cos I’ve looked high and low, in just about every store in the land, for a suitcase that packs itself – for years. And I’ve come to think that there simply can’t be one. So instead of “let’s go fly a kite” – there’s apparently no alternative – I’ve gotta get packing. Bit miffed, Mary Poppins. But heck. Holidays. So let the dark clouds fly away 🙂 …

One thought on “ONE THAT PACKS ITSELF?

  1. Have a great hol mate, dont believe Mary Poppins , I was forced to watch it at the cinema, me and my mate were both aged 10 and wanted to watch The Beatles “Help” and were seriously unimpressed with it. Change has to come whatever age we are.
    get me a stick of rock .

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