You are Love: Knowing God’s love

Holy Mystery and Ground of all being, our God, our Creator, what are we to make of love in the world? You are Love – say our most inspired writers, employing poetic language. But love, the mutual magnetism in living hearts, seems profligate, irrational, disorderly, eluding our comprehension. From morning to night we are energized by love, but never can master it utterly. Be with us today, God of Love. Amen.

William Cleary

WHAT ARE WE TO MAKE OF LOVE in the world? William Cleary’s heartfelt prayer cuts straight to the chase. And what we do make of Love in the world will forever be the chief concern not only of churches, religious institutions and traditions, but of all humankind. Perhaps the reason we find Love so difficult to practice is precisely that we “never can master it utterly”. We’re inclined to want to “master” life. Religious traditions, unfortunately, are sometimes amongst those who seek to gain mastery over all other possibilities. I strongly suspect that the Holy Mystery and Ground of all being is “calling us” instead simply to surrender, simply to trust, simply to BE energized by that which eludes our comprehension. Jesus said: “Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. In my Father’s House are many mansions” – John 14.1ff