ANOTHER OF OUR MONTHLY MEDITATION gatherings this evening. There’s a deep silence in the heart of a large gathering when the only sound to be heard is the very occasional creaking of the church roof timbers. And in that silence there’s a oneness to be found with all who gather with us in spirit if not in physical presence. Many here are entering into the deep peace that is to be found in the “silent voice” of God. Shared silence breathes healing into our communion. Gathered before God in silence we may discover again that with only a slight – perhaps whispered – change of inflection our “alone” can be “all-one” …

Father and Mother open my spirit to the Silent Presence of your Spirit. There let me abide, and there may I know your Love. You are Silence and you are Mystery, and silence and mystery in prayer shall lead me to you, in and after the example of Jesus, and all who pray in your Spirit. Father and Mother of our lives. Come.

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