I’VE BLOGGED before about Iona. For many years before our parish pilgrimage in 2010 I’d heard rapturous tales of Columba’s isle from many an enthusiastic pilgrim. “You never forget the place once you’ve been there. It calls to you.” And I have to admit that I never could understand how one tiny island could hold such an attraction, albeit that I’d heard plenty, and read plenty across the years about “thin places”. I loved being there, every minute of it. But still I’ve wondered about “Iona’s call”. And yet have discovered that it’s true, too. Many, many times since May 2010. Happily ensconced today in the English Lake District – and thus with plenty to occupy heart and mind and eyes and ears – I haven’t been able to get Iona out of my mind. And one of the first things I came across when I returned to my desk in Bramhall this evening was this startlingly beautiful photograph, the image I’ve carried around in my head all day. It really is something you can hear …

3 thoughts on “THE CALL OF IONA

  1. It is a special place isn’t it! I was there for community week this year for the first time in 4 years- oh how I had missed it! And in the sound on the tuesday afternoon were a school of dolphins! the first time I had ever seen any since my 1st trip there in 1996!

  2. Never been myself, though our parish (many years ago) has had 2 trips there. As, of course, it is home to our parish church, St Columba. Our pulpit has a piece of Iona stone in it gifted from the community.

  3. l have been to Iona once l long to return it is calling me back l long to revisit its always on my mind.

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