SALISBURY has loomed into half a dozen conversations this week, and I’ve been reflecting upon how unimaginably blessed I was as I spent 3 years reading theology and preparing for ordination there 30+ years ago. My rooms had a lovely view of the Cathedral. Floodlit at night, it was reflected in my open bedroom window. Life in The Close was just perfect for a theological student. I still wear the beautiful embroidered alb, made for me there by Ada Gething, a wonderful, blind, lady – well into her eighties at the time.

And my reflections follow several conversations with people who have told me, ruefully, “I don’t feel I’ve deserved this, that or the other blessing”. And I know for sure that nothing I’ve ever done deserved the gift of Salisbury – or the gift of life. Not deserved. Not earned. Nothing given, or witheld, for “good” or “bad” behaviour. Grace upon grace lovingly given … that’s how it is with God. And I must seek to follow the Divine example …