I’M ENTHRALLED by the blessed way in which our Church here can pray at a quiet Sunday 8am., be “rocking” along with puppet friends (sometimes) at an All-Age 9am., choral and formal at 10.45am., online with Pray As You Goand completely silent in candlelight at Monthly Monday Meditation. It seems that there’s a rightness and a richness in the variety. It would be fair to say that some folk are slightly fearful of both the more boisterous elements in some forms of worship at one end of the scale, and of silence at the other. Many more are discovering that there’s no need to be fearful of either. Nor need any opt only for one expression and not another. God is good in untold countless ways, shapes and forms. Tonight’s shared silence and that “certain sort of glow in the darkness” fills me with hope and peace for the Body of Christ in this place, and for humankind generally.