Billon | 2007 Polystyrène, résine 110 x 100 x 300 cm by Vincent Kohler | photo/GeoffreyCottenceau

I STUMBLED UPON this wonderful sculpture by Vincent Kohler earlier today. It speaks to me powerfully about transformation “from glory into glory.” For years and years a tree quietly contributes its life to the processing of moisture and nourishment, and rain-making and distribution. The tree is nourished and maintained by the earth it stands upon and is rooted in, and it feeds the ground by autumn / winter’s fall. It provides shade, home and shelter, too. And then there comes a day when it’s changed, reshaped, remodelled, maybe becoming something possessed of an outstanding beauty hitherto unimagined. We too 🙂

One thought on “OFF THE OLD BLOCK

  1. I really like that! I’ve seen diagrams of quarter-sawn lumber and such – but to see it in all its three-dimensional glory is pretty cool. Thanks.

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