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CAUGHT UP tonight with the excellent BBC Radio 4 conversation, hosted by Andrew Marr, between Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Richard Dawkins and Lisa Randall. I was greatly impressed by the tone of the conversation. Respectful and interested, there was also a distinct absence of high-pitched religious or philosophical “certainties”. Wondering quietly about human perspectives 500 years from now (“our view of the world around us, and our place within it”) is a fairly frequent feature of my own prayer-life and daily contemplation. I’m able to delight with Richard Dawkins in his celebrating beauty and “magic”. And one of Rabbi Sacks’ sentences reverberates particularly: “Things do not need to have a purpose, but persons do”. That has certainly been my experience. William Cleary’s lovely prayer speaks of the hope in persons with a purpose, with imagination:

There is hope for me because you are a caring creator, and have filled our experience with caringness: links of concern and love in my heart for those around me, and energies of positive regard from others toward me. In such a circle we can survive, and with evolutionary imagination at work everywhere, we can find joy in the mysterious dance of daily life. Amen

My Being Speaks: Finding joy in life
from We side with the morning: William Cleary