HERE’S A FIRST try with WordPress’ own Blog Home working from my iPad. No means of using an iPad based photo is the first thing I’m missing and hope for in the future. Formatting features like full justify look promising. If the option to paste in a URL for .jpg works well (image doesn’t appear in the otherwise excellent live preview) I shall be a very happy chap. WP and iPad are coming of age together. Ability to publish photos stored on iPad would see this handy tool stepping right up to the iPad usability mark, and beating the (still rather clunky) external publishing apps available for iPad.

Now to the Publish Post button …

PostScript: Hmm. Still clunky on iPad 😦 though perfect on iMac 🙂 Image and full justify had to be added / tweaked post-publication. I’ll keep trying as, no doubt, will the brilliant team at WP … for whom, as ever, many thanks.