MOSS HEY SCHOOL’S CAROLS tonight – and another treat following immediately after last evening’s with Cheadle Hulme School. The verve and energy of pupils and teaching staff alike was truly inspiring. That children should so obviously be having such tremendous fun at school is an absolute delight to behold. Not one child appeared to be anything less than 100% involved, and thrilled to be so. Movement, foot-tapping, smiling surprise as the gathering broke into applause, wonderful diction, perfectly rehearsed music (no books or conducting, just straight in, and with incredible vigour!) – the whole thing will have sent family members away from St Michael’s feeling thrilled to bits. Warmest congratulations to staff, pupils and parents alike. Truly splendid! 🙂 Thanks too to the “home team” whose own kindness and hospitality helps make such occasions extra-special.