I MADE THE “MISTAKE” of asking our Active Angels to come and look for Baby Jesus in the manger this morning! The donkey was knocked off his feet almost immediately and appeared to have been buried beneath the floorboards of the stable. And handfuls of straw were transported to various quarters of the church in a trice. Soon we were away in a manger and a little host of two-three year olds had made the church look like a real stable. Just as they should do. Just as it should be. And the little lass who was charged with “nursing” Baby Jesus wouldn’t have let go of the little chap if the roof had blown off, bless her. Emmanuel indeed. In the midst of the endless adverts, the constant encouragement to go “last minute” shopping, the near-exhaustion of a clerical Christmas, God is indeed “with us”. We found the baby Jesus, we active angels.